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"The Doctor of the future will give No Medicine,

but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame,

in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

- Thomas Edison



Feel Better and Function Better Now!

We specialize in using revolutionary natural healing methods that can help most people to make positive changes quickly and easily.

Have you been looking for:

  • Faster improvement?

  • Longer lasting results?

  • Someone who understands that YOU are unique and complex, and treats you accordingly?

You can feel comfortable knowing that the techniques we use are safe and effective, and are chosen to be compatible with your condition and personal preferences. The testing methods we use are also non-invasive. They are based on getting feedback directly from the intelligent vital force that gives you life and health. These methods enable us to accurately gauge the progress of your care FROM VISIT TO VISIT.

Achieving superior health becomes possible when the chemical (nutritional imbalances, sub-clinical infections, environmental toxins, etc.) structural (muscles, nerves and bones) and mental (emotional stresses) components of the body are functioning optimally. Due to everyday stressors such as yeast, fungus, bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals and  food sensitivities, the body’s interacting energy fields become imbalanced long before a disease is diagnosed. Once a disease is diagnosed, disrupted or blocked, energy fields must be addressed for the innate forces of self-healing and regeneration to become more active. 

As the body ages, the number of healthy cells in the body is reduced. The loss of cells means there is less of an organ or system to counteract the stress and less of an energetic reserve to promote repair and regeneration.  Hormones are thrown out of balance and nutrients are depleted faster than diet can replenish them. But the most striking factor in the stress response is the body’s loss of reserve to respond to challenges and return the body to a balanced state of functioning.

Exciting new discoveries in natural healthcare—developed by internationally acclaimed authors, researchers and lecturers,  Michael Lebowitz, DC and Jay Wilson, DC are now available.  These unique methods actually work to help you tap into your body's self-healing abilities so you can endure stress without distress, keep your channels of detoxification open to discharge increasing levels of harmful environmental pollutants and even shed unwanted pounds.

Many of our patients have seen countless physicians and have spent thousands of dollars only to continue suffering and remain ill. Without criticizing any particular method of treatment, we believe that optimum health is maintained by balancing the body’s chemical, structural and mental systems and by a steady intake of pure, non-toxic food supplements. A healthy body is the best defense against disease and infection.

Symptoms like chronic fatigue, recurring digestive problems, headaches, depression, anxiety, chemical sensitivities, allergies, arthritis, and Fibromyalgia are often dismissed by doctors as an inevitable part of the aging process or as medically incurable. These symptoms cause thousands of individuals to live a less-than-fulfilling life while medical practitioners offer them little or no assistance. Our comprehensive approach may provide the health solutions you've been searching for.


Common Symptoms Your Computer Has When You Get a Virus

Many people using computers have dealt with a virus at one point. The computer may be working fine one minute then suddenly slow down, sputter, glitch, or crash before working fine the next minute. The problem comes momentarily, this is why rebooting the computer may temporarily fix the problem. Having a virus in your system can affect your files and the speed of your computer. There are sometimes hardware problems can make it seem like the computer has a virus. Below are some symptoms of a virus.

Hardware trouble

There are some viruses that will cause your hardware to act abnormally. The hardware starts acting on its own and you try stopping it but it doesn’t help. There are some people who start noticing their CD-ROM opening out of its own. The printers and other hardware connected to the computer start acting strangely. If you not using your computer and it starts producing a lot of sounds, then there is a chance it is infected. It is time to consider scanning your computer for viruses.

No response

This is one of them most frustrating times when working with your computer. You try moving your mouse or pressing your keyboard but nothing happens. This can be even worse even if you have work that you haven’t saved. This can also be a sign that your computer needs a cleanup. If you see this alongside other symptoms, then there is a high chance that your computer has a virus. If you get a rundll32.exe error, you should work to find a fix rundll32 error as quickly as possible.

Slow performance

If certain actions start to take longer than usual, then there is a reason to be concerned. You may find that it takes longer than usual to open a document or run a program. There are some programs and documents that may be too big, causing it to delay, so you have to compare it to how fast it did in the past. There are some viruses that reproduce and multiply the files and overcrowd the disk space. If you are also browsing from one document folder to another, then it may have a virus.

Slow Startup

Another common symptom of a virus or dwm.exe file error is a slow startup. It is normal for a person to want things done faster. You should not use the time you have in mind, but the time it normally takes to start. If the computer takes longer than normal to start, then you should consider scanning your computer for viruses.


When the computer starts to crashes spontaneously, then you should start being careful. After you restart the computer, the computer seems like it is not running normally. If it starts restarting frequently every few minutes, then it is a virus. This can also be an indication that your system is infected.

Missing files

When you start to notice some applications not working well, then you may find that there are some files missing. These files can be program files or files that you created. If you had saved data but can’t seem to find them, then it can be a sign of viruses.

Advanced Nutritional Kinesiology

"The most comprehensive approach in healthcare today" 

Our evaluation and treatment approach is centered around a system of analysis called Advanced Nutritional KinesiologyAdvanced Nutritional Kinesiology is a combination of Applied Kinesiology, food allergy testing, nutritional balancing and cold laser desensitization.  Advanced Nutritional Kinesiology was developed by internationally acclaimed authors, researchers and lecturers,  Michael Lebowitz, DC and Jay Wilson, DC .


What to expect from your treatment program

Click here for my article on what to expect from your treatment program.

We are truly a full-service healthcare center offering patients the greatest potential to optimize their health. 

These technologies will truly anchor the healthcare system of the next generation and you can take advantage of them right now!

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